Why You Need a Will and Power of Attorney

Bankruptcy Exemptions In this video, I explain the differences between a Will and a Power of Attorney.  →

Dealing with your Creditors during and post this COVID-19 Pandemic

Bankruptcy Lawyer Port Charlotte, FL Unfortunately, some of you will not be able to make all of your payments when the first of the month comes around, and, for some of you, it may happen next month or beyond. So, what do you do? I  →

Video: What are My Options after a Foreclosure Complaint?

Just because you have been served with a foreclosure complaint and lis pendens by your lender does not mean that you are out of options to resolve your mortgage situation. In this video, you will learn how you can attempt  →

Video: Served with a Foreclosure Complaint?

Photo with gavel and business law contract. While it may have taken awhile for your lender to serve you with a foreclosure complaint and lis pendens, once you are served, you must act quickly because you only have 20 days to file a response to the complaint  →

Video: Timing to get a Power of Attorney

Too often I get a frantic call from a client in an emergency room saying they need a Power of Attorney for a spouse or parent who had a stroke or is unconscious. Unfortunately, I have to advise them that  →

Video: How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

Most people don’t have much experience in choosing an attorney. Whether you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney or other type of attorney, here are some tips to consider when making that choice.  →

Three Tools to Save a Home in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Three Tools to Save a Home in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy While the economy has improved over the last five years, there are still many individuals and families struggling due to either underemployment or the unwillingness or ineptitude of lenders  →

Three Simple Tips to Avoid Probate

Bankruptcy Lawyer Port Charlotte, FL Three Simple Tips to Avoid Probate Generally, most people are familiar with the term “probate”. They know that it has something to do with Wills and happens after someone dies. However, what I have found in my 27 years as  →

Gators, Harley’s and Chocolate: What a Day!

Gators, Harley's and Chocolate: What a Day! I had a fun, educational and motivational day recently as I had the honor of presenting at the 2nd Annual Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Business Symposium held at the Marriott Sanibel Harbor Resort. In additional to getting to  →

Triumph Over Life’s Boulders

We all face boulders in our life. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, an unexpected illness or accident, divorce, bankruptcy or business failure, these unplanned surprise events at times can seem like insurmountable boulders blocking our path to  →