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One of the hats I have the pleasure of wearing this year is as President of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce. Recently, I was interviewed by CNN Money online magazine regarding the Punta Gorda metropolitan area being recognized as one of the top ten turnaround areas in the Country. That announcement was followed up by a feature front page article in the Charlotte Sun. When asked by the reporter who was calling me from New York City why I thought we were coming back so strongly, I merely asked him “what is the temperature where you are?”. Fortunately, we have many great advantages to promoting this area such as the weather, beaches, golf and fishing. At the same time, it is those factors along with “irrational exuberance” regarding lending , and some of the mindless lending practices of the big banks supported by the greed of Wall Street, that lead us down the path to depression-like numbers in unemployment and the related foreclosures and family strife. As we start to see a comeback, we need to make sure that the comeback is based upon sound financial principals while, at the same time, not stifling lending restrictions. Once of the biggest complaints I hear from our local small banks and the lenders trying to help small businesses is that the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction with regard to regulation requirements that even some of the best qualified candidates are having difficulties getting financing. Therefore, while there are signs of a financial comeback in Southwest Florida, we must be vigilant in not relaxing too much and thinking we are out of the woods as the foreclosure filings are ticking upwards and we face record gas prices this summer.
For these reasons, while I anticipate that we still have bumps in the road, the road is going in the right direction and we must not let small detours deter us from continuing to do all of the great work that has been done to move our area forward and be recognized as one of the top ten comeback places in the country.