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Building Your Email List Gives You the Best Return of Investment on Time, Energy, and Money

Email marketing is the online business’s most powerful tool — but first, you need to capture the opt-in

Optional: Use a compelling image here to create immediate trust and rapport. Kick off your email opt-in page with a strong introduction that explains to the reader why your topic — and your take on that topic — are important. Why should your reader care about the topic? And why should they choose you as the person to tell them more about it?

Use a subhead to pull out a key benefit of subscribing to your list, or to succinctly tell them what your list is all about

One great way to kick off an email opt-in page is talk about a problem that your reader is facing. Paint a vivid picture of the “before,” and then move on to the next section to reveal how your email messages can give them the “after” they’re looking for.

Sum up the main reason your reader should subscribe to your list in a box that’s formatted to catch their attention. Try to keep this “above the fold.”

Enter your email address below to sign up: [Your opt-in form goes here. You’ll typically get the best response when you ask only for an email address, no other information. Some marketers capture a first name here so they can personalize the email — it’s up to you.]

Describe what the reader will get, and make sure you cover the benefits

You’ll want to let you readers know exactly what they can expect when they subscribe to your list. The bulk of this section should call out the benefits of subscribing to your list. Why and how will your readers’ lives will be better after opting in to your list? Why are you asking for their valuable time and attention? Why should they read your email versus someone else’s? Don’t worry if this section gets long. If you need a little extra time in this section to fully explain the benefits, take that time. Just be sure your copy is well-formatted for scannability.

What next?

Enter your email address below to sign up for [name of your email newsletter or autoresponder].

[Enter your email opt-in form again here. Remember to test both forms when you test the page.] After the opt-in form, you need to explicitly address what the reader does after they provide their address in the form, and you need to reassure them that you will not send them spam or other unwanted material. See below for some wording. It’s very important to me that everyone receiving [name of your email newsletter or autoresponder] truly wants the material. So I need you to confirm that you want to receive it by clicking a link in an email you’ll receive after signing up. So check your inbox (and put us on your “white list” of safe senders), click the link you’ll find there, and you’re on your way. Of course, I’m never going to rent, sell, or otherwise share the information I’m collecting here. I hate spam as much as you do. And if you decide the content isn’t for you, there’s an instant “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every single message.

Optional testimonial

At this point, you may want to include a testimonial. It should support your call to action, either by highlighting a benefit or addressing an objection.

Take your email opt-in page further

Remember that an email opt-in page is actually a mini sales page. You’re “selling” high-quality content in exchange for access to your readers’ email box. So put on your best copywriter’s hat and make sure you’re at the top of your game. Email opt-in pages are great places to test different headlines, different copywriting approaches, etc. If you really want an email opt-in page that builds your list quickly, and focuses on the right market for your product or service, check out the Copywriting Assistant tutorials for this page type.