Mediterraneo – Pasta Lovers Paradise in Sarasota

Posted by Mark Martella on Fri, Aug 17, 2012 @ 09:15 PM

If I ever had to face the decision of what my last meal would be, it would be a very easy choice for me. It would be my mom’s gravy with meatballs and sausage over penne. (for those of you who are not Italian-American, “gravy” is tomato sauce). Pasta is far and above my favorite meal. Having been on a low carb diet, it has been a challenge to say the least to give up my favorite food. However, when I do splurge, I truly enjoy great pasta and one of the best places I have found is Mediterraneo Ristorante Italiano in Sarasota. The bad thing for me is that it is just two blocks up the street from my office on Main Street!

The pasta there is homemade and the sauces are simply exquisite. I always have an extremely difficult time in making a decision. Two of my favorite dishes are Linguine alle melanzane con ricotta fresca (linguine with roasted eggplant and fresh ricotta cheese and tomato sauce) and Linguine ai frutti di mare (linguine with mixed seafood in a light tomato sauce). Both dishes are wonderful and I could never lie to my wife if I went there for lunch because I usually wind up with gravy (tomato sauce) on my white shirt. They have a wonderful selection of appetizers and their brick oven pizza makes a great appetizer as well.

If you would like to try Mediterraneo it is located at 1970 Main Street, Sarasota, Florida. For reservations you can call: (941) 365-4122.

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