There is a long and storied history of family law at Icard Merrill. This history creates a depth of knowledge and experience that is necessary when facing the challenges of divorce and moving on to a new life. Divorce is unique in that it presents a special set of circumstances that go beyond just the legal issues of the division of property and determining how much support one spouse must pay and how much a spouse should be entitled to receive. There are substantial emotional hurdles to get through as well. At Icard Merrill we recognize these combined challenges and, therefore, strive to do our very best as at being responsive to your needs and fears as we travel through this life changing event with you to guide you through the process to reach the beginning of the next chapter of your life.

At Icard Merrill, our attorneys are here to assist you with:

Family law matters and divorce can be very emotionally charged. One of the best ways to maintain control of your future and navigate through the storms is through reasonable negotiations and mediation. The certainty of a well negotiated or mediated agreement is preferable to having a third party stranger like a judge determine your life and your children’s future.

In those cases where an agreement can’t be reached, the attorneys at Icard Merrill stand ready to zealously advocate for your rights in court to ensure your case is thoroughly presented to the court. When required, we will retain necessary experts such as forensic accountants, business valuators and psychologists to achieve the best results for you and your family.

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