There are multiple types of alimony awards that a court can award pursuant to Florida law. They include: permanent periodic, rehabilitative, bridge the gap, and/or lump sum alimony. Each case is viewed on its own, and the amount of alimony to be awarded or if an alimony award is provided for at all, takes into numerous factors including the length of marriage, the earning capacity of the parties, their age, health and the lifestyle the parties were accustomed to during their marriage. Unlike with child support awards that are based upon a formula, courts in Florida have a much greater leeway when making a determination of an award of alimony.

Because of the uncertain nature of alimony awards, our alimony attorneys will evaluate the numerous statutory factors to be considered by a judge so that you are in the best position possible to negotiate a settlement or present your case to the court if a trial is required for a determination of the alimony award. If you need assistance with a spousal support matter, click here to contact an Icard Merrill alimony attorney.