At the heart of child custody and visitation issues is the standard of the “best interests of the child”. This test is used in addressing issues involving the primary residence of the child, visitation by the non-custodial parent along with decisions concerning the sharing of parental responsibilities. These issues may arise in divorce proceedings, paternity actions as well post-divorce proceedings.

If the parents cannot reach a parenting plan concerning visitation and custody while keeping in mind what is in the best interests of the child, then the court will step in to set a visitation schedule and divide decision making responsibilities again, all relying on what that judge deems to be in the best interests of the child. Icard Merrill family law attorneys are experienced in helping you navigate the parenting plan process to present your best case to the court while protecting yours and your child’s rights. The implementation of a well thought out plan protecting the best interests of the child is so important because of how it will affect your children the rest of their lives. Because of the stakes involved, you need legal counsel to help you get through the emotions of these events with compassion and clear thinking.

Whether your case involves equal time-sharing, visitation issues, or a long-distance schedule, Icard Merrill’s child custody lawyers will provide compassionate, conscientious representation on your behalf. To learn more and to contact one of our attorneys, click here.