While child support should not be a complicated issue since there are income based guidelines the courts are required to follow under Florida law, the challenge becomes when one party does not accurately disclose his or her income. The failure to properly disclose income throws off the calculation and can lead to unfavorable results to one parent as well as be damaging to the child. While the calculation is easier when both parties are wage earners receiving a regular paycheck, the calculation becomes more difficult when a party is self-employed or receives commission based compensation.

The attorneys at Icard Merrill, are experienced in dealing with the complex issues of accurately determining income so that you and your child receive the appropriate amount of support pursuant to the law’s guidelines. Whether it is to establish an award or enforce or modify an award because of changed circumstances, our attorneys stand ready to ensure that the proper support is provided as required by the law. Our family law attorneys provide effective counsel to both custodial and non-custodial parents on all child support needs.

If you need assistance in establishing, modifying, or enforcing an agreement, contact us to speak with an experienced child support lawyer.