Divorce is the legal process by which a married couple may end their marriage. Florida is a “no-fault” dissolution state which means you do not have to allege bad conduct by one party such as adultery, to be entitled to a divorce. Also, the mere fact that your spouse committed adultery may not give you any advantage in a divorce proceeding. While divorce is a legal proceeding, it is also a very emotional process and you need an attorney that can properly guide you through the legal issues while providing the compassion and understanding to get you through this life changing event….continue reading

Divorce Agreements

In the course of divorce proceedings, if the parties can reach an agreement, the terms of that agreement will be set forth in a document called a “marital settlement agreement.” This agreement will address all of the issues that may be applicable to a particular case including the distribution of property, alimony, child support and the adoption of a parenting plan….continue reading