Equitable distribution is the term used to describe how “marital property” is divided between the parties. In this area, equitable does not mean “equal”, but rather, what is fair in the eyes of the court based upon a multitude of factors. A significant issue that often arises is simply “what is marital property?” Also, included in the topic of equitable distribution is not only the division of marital assets, but also, who will be responsible for the marital debts. Therefore, it is important to have attorneys skilled in determining what property falls under the definition of marital property as determined by the courts of Florida as the starting point for negotiations of an equitable distribution settlement or when having to present your case for equitable distribution to the court if a trial is necessary.

As divorce is a very emotional process, Icard Merrill attorneys will guide you throughout the legal issues to keep you focused on the how to reasonably and equitably divide up the assets of your marriage. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your concerns about the equitable distribution of your assets and liabilities.