Once a final judgement of divorce is entered, it does not necessarily mean everything is over, especially when children are involved. When there are children involved, you will still have to work with your former spouse until your children are 18, and sometimes, even beyond that age. Even when there are no children involved, changes in circumstances may require one of the parties to go back to court to request the court to modify a final judgment.

An example of why one might file a request or “motion” for a modification, is due to a change in circumstances caused by the loss of a job or a medical condition that did not exist at the time of the final judgment of divorce but now affects the ability of the other party to make the payments agreed upon. It may also be required when one party has a significant increase in income and the other party seeks an increase in payments for child support for example. When changes occur, the attorneys at Icard Merrill can assist you in petitioning the court for a modification of the final judgment or defending an unreasonable request for a modification.

If circumstances have changed following a final judgment, contact us to speak with the family law attorneys at Icard Merrill and learn more about post-dissolution modification alternatives.