The Biggest Estate Planning Myths

So many clients put off an estate plan until it’s too late due to misconceptions about the process. In this video, I explain the three biggest myths about estate planning and why you should not let these false ideas prevent you from protecting your family.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer Port Charlotte, FL

Three Simple Tips to Avoid Probate

Three Simple Tips to Avoid Probate Generally, most people are familiar with the term “probate”. They know that it has something to do with Wills and happens after someone dies. However, what I have found in my 27 years as a practicing attorney, is that it is quite oft

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Avoid Bankruptcy

Get Out of Debt Without Filing Bankruptcy

Get Out of Debt Without Filing Bankruptcy December is the time of year when our retail establishments make their money. A big portion of that is all due to the use of credit cards. Unfortunately for many, the ease of the use of the “plastic devil” pushes them down

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Save Your Home from Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Tool to Save your Home from Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Tool to Save your Home from Foreclosure One of the tools I have discussed in this Newsletter before in order to help someone keep their home is the ability to strip a second mortgage from their property and treat it as an unsecured debt. This can allow some

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Collection Agency Lies

Seven Big Lies Collection Agencies Tell

Seven Big Lies Collection Agencies Tell The seven BIGGEST LIES collection agencies tell to unsuspecting borrowers. In meeting with clients, I am always amazed at some of the lies they have been told by collection agencies, in order to induce them to make a payment. Wh

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Bankruptcy Law

We offer a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL ONE HOUR CONSULTATION for anyone looking for answers to their questions as to whether bankruptcy will work for them. Call us today to schedule your FREE consultation 941-206-3700.

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We are here to help you navigate the foreclosure minefield, and assist you in either defending the foreclosure action, negotiating a modification or short sale with your lender, or using the bankruptcy laws to help you keep you home.

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Business Law

Whether you are starting a new business or have a long established one, legal issues must be addressed on a regular basis. From deciding what type of business entity you should create to drafting a shareholders agreement, we can help you in deciding what best fits your needs for your business goals.

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Estate Planning & Probate

MOST PEOPLE, including lawyers, think of estate planning as something that they can do “later”. Unfortunately for many, “later” often becomes “too late.” Some of the thoughts that may have crossed your mind are that: “I’m going to live for a long time and I’ll get around to it next year.”

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